21 Jun

‚Journal of Refugee Studies‘ Special Issue „History of Refugee Protection“ with my introduction – now published

The Special Issue „History of Refugee Protection“ has been published as the June 2017 issue of Journal of Refugee Studies. It is the result of an initial seminar series that I organised at the Refugee Studies Centre in Oxford in early 2015 and of ongoing editorial work with an additional workshop and extensive collaboration with and among the authors. I am really grateful to all the fantastic authors who contributed nine fascinating articles, covering the history or refugee protection from asylum in ancient Greece to UNHCR’s refugee camps in Central Africa. Overall, the publication shows how the idea of ‚the refugee‘ and the meaning of protection was transformed but also had notable characteristics throughout the centuries, in particular that the idea of extending protection to others depended on the organisation of receiving political communities.

The Special Issue is available form Oxford University Press:


Special Issue: History of Refugee Protection

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