Publication Projects


The Politics of Welcoming
with Barbara Beznec, Serhat Karakayali and Dimitris Parsanoglou

 Edited Volumes

Grundlagen der Flüchtlingsforschung
Ko-Hg. mit Marcel Berlinghoff; unter Vertrag mit Nomos.
Sammelband des interdisziplinären DFG wissenschaftlichen Netzwerks „Grundlagen der Flüchtlingsforschung“.

Articles and Book Chapters

Dead Asylum Seekers and Refugee Advocacy
Journal article in preparation.

Political Asylum and Political Memories: Syrian Refugees‘ Recollections of Flight to Germany
Journal article in preparation.

Creating a Civil Society of Welcome: Volunteering for Refugees in Germany
with Serhat Karakayali, in preparation.

Why does Germany resettle Refugees?
Journal article in preparation.



3rd survey (2016) report about volunteering for refugees in Germany
with Serhat Karakayali