Institute for Migration Research and Intercultural Studies (IMIS), University of Osnabrück

WiSe 2017/18
WiSe 2016/17
MA seminar: Globale und europäische Flüchtlingspolitik: Akteure, Konzepte, Herausforderungen

Sharing Perspectives Foundation 

Spring 2017
MOOC Lecture: “Volunteering in the Refugee ‘Crisis”
in the Programme: European Refuge/es: Critical Dialogue on the ‚Crisis‘ by Refugees and Non-Refugees

Institute for Social Science, Humboldt University Berlin

WiSe 2012/13
BA seminar: Introduction to International Forced Migration and Refugee Studies 

Otto-Suhr Institut, Freie Universität Berlin

SoSe 2012
Graduate seminar: Einführung in die Migrationstheorien (‘Introduction to Migration Theories‘)

WiSe 2009/10
Graduate seminar: Politische Erinnerung und Migration: Australien, USA, Frankreich und Deutschland im Vergleich (‘Political Memory and Migration: Australia, USA, France, and Germany in Comparison‘).
(with Prof. Wolf-Dieter Narr)

From SoSe 2000 to WiSe 2002/03
Tutor (with co-tutors): Introductory seminar for first-year students