10 Aug

I wrote an opinion piece about the current asylum debate in Australia for the online magazine Inside Story.
I suggest that politicians need to take principled leadership on the issue by convincing the public of the fact that boat people are not a threat and by supporting human rights at home and in the region. They have the opportunity to join the ranks of Australian leaders who have shaped the history Australian migration policy for the better.

„…playing politics with asylum seekers undermines not just Australian and human rights values; with repeated cries about apparent “wolves” at the border, the credibility of the democratic process itself is at risk. …“

„… Only if politicians are willing to put aside imagined electoral gains, if they are honest about the minor impact the arriving refugee boats have on a wealthy country like Australia, and if they get serious about human rights at home and overseas, can they offer credible and effective leadership on asylum. …“ 

The full article, entitled ‚Leading the way on asylum‘, can be read here.