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„Europe cannot allow itself to be blackmailed forever“ – Marcus Engler and I on the EU-Turkey refugee agreement, IPG Journal

Marcus Engler and I argue in an article on International Politics and Society (IPS) / Internationale Politik und Gesellschaft (IPG), that Europe needs to end its refugee deal with Turkey for the sake of its international sovereignty, a new start to the reform of the Common European Asylum System, and last but not least – the refugees in the region.

In English: Europe cannot allow itself to be blackmailed forever
Last week, European leaders decided to extend the EU-Turkey refugee deal. But the agreement has been a complete disaster. Europe needs a new strategy.

Auf Deutsch: Wege aus der Sackgasse
Das Flüchtlingsabkommen der EU mit der Türkei ist gescheitert. Europa braucht einen Kurswechsel hin zu einer humanitären Migrationspolitik.

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Radio interviews on 5 years EU-Turkey refugee agreement

It is about 5 years that the EU and Turkey announced their statement on refugee policy cooperation – time for resisting the consequences and assessing its merits. My conclusion: we need to rethink the approach and look forward rather than building on past crisis.

Interview with Bayerischer Rundfunk 2:
5 Jahre EU-Türkei-Flüchtlingsdeal
Politikwissenschaftler: „Fehlerhaftes Abkommen hinter uns lassen“

Interview with Saarländischer Rundfunk:
„Eine langfristige Politik muss auf Prinzipien aufbauen“