07 Aug

Guest Co-editor of Peripherie, Thematic Issue: “Dis-placement: Flüchtlinge zwischen Orten” + new article „Über Flucht forschen“

Peripherie: Zeitschrift für Politik und Ökonomie der Dritten Welt just published a thematic issue on ‚Dis-placement: Flüchtlinge zwischen Orten‚ (‚Dis-placement: Refugees between Places‘) of which I was guest co-editor together with Ulrike Schultz, Helen Schwenken and Maja Zwick.
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I am also author of the article ‚Über Flucht forschen. Herausforderungen der Flüchtlingsforschung‚ and of a review of the ‚Oxford Handbook of Refugee and Forced Migration Studies‚, both published in this thematic issue of Peripherie.

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